A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Better Horses

Multiplayer Generative Beast Racing & Betting.

Which of these skinny-legged generative beasts is going to win the ultimate wacky sprinting race? Bet with your friends and take all their money.

Featuring 3 unique game modes and unlimited number of creatures (all better than horses). You can even generate your own!

Install instructions

To play, simply download BetterHorses.app and double click. Optionally, you can download the remote betting client HorseBettors.app, so you and your friends can place bets from different devices!

For detailed setup and betting instructions, download BettingManual.pdf.

Remote betting clients for more platforms coming soon.


BetterHorses.app.zip 28 MB
BetterHorsesWin.zip 23 MB
HorseBettors.app.zip 16 MB
BettingManual.pdf 56 kB