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are there cheats for the console?

i think mark played this yall


how the flip do i play\download this like rn

How do you activate the console?

I have the qwertz keyboard so I don't really know

Amazing XD cannibals 




Jesus...when you hate someone soon much u become a canibal -AKA THIS GAME-


I don't think words can sum this game up. โ˜ 

me: *scrolling*

*game pops up*

me: ... welp thats enough internet for today

this was very fun. short but fun. the sound is very good and disturbing. my partner and i played it and both us enjoyed tearing each other skin apart. for a moment, wasn't sure who would win or how to win. overall, very good game. 

It won't download.

This is such a wonderful face biting multiplayer game! My partner and I play this all the time and are super competitive about it :)

Very cool game. Great to let out my anger on my friends!

The hit box for the right face seems to be a bit buggy though. The left face can bite the right face without actually touching it visually.

-is disturbed from blood-

Very nice game, very fun experience :)

omg the blood XD


I don't like this


this thing is really nice but the controls are hard

funny game


This game was super fun and weirdly competitive ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚


nice fu**ed up game, I did a video on it

I did not play it jet but oh...................................


Jennie Cutie You could have just downloaded it without money :|

(1 edit) (+1)

I've played this with a friend and I died ...
But right before I died I got his eye. Hahaha! (evil laugh) Love it!


i need a graphics card for it

It won't let me in game


ugh i bought it and cant play!! Waste of money!!!


It's a free game...

yup lol


This game is free, unless you're talking about donating to the creator. You have to extract the files with WINRAR and then don't drag the game out, just leave it inside the folder. Then double click to open the game.

you could just skip the name your own price thing, it works for me

wy can I not go in the game it wot let me

maybe you paid


It tells me certain things are missing, when they are in the folder that it all comes in. Not sure what's happening, but a fix or update would be appreciated. Thanks!


Don't take the game out of the folder, leave it in the folder and then try opening the game from the folder.




anybody else getting attack on titan vibes from this?


nah its Tokyo Ghoul


i play by myself for some reason .-.


but i don't have friends to play with :-(


who else came here because of Markiplier? i know i did. 

G O T T A   S W E E P  S W E E P  S W E E P  



I can play this with my girlfriend.

Though I probably won't have one after 


I was so disturb whilst playing this game, but it was kinda fun in a way. Really looking forward to what you do next 

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