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amazing game


just like my siblings and i used to play 








I win!


how do i start playing after i extract the folder/file

you have to find the file that was extracted not the zip folder but the same folder with the same name and the game should be in there

mampus burungmu ilang atau pntat kecil

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Thanks...after the game I save my dinner

do you think you could release the source code as the game is free?



You should make a browser version of this game- It looks fun but I cant play it because I'm on chrome

this game are soooooooooo crazy :)

i really want to play this by i have a Chromebook :(


sadly this does not support linux


this feels like a gory fever dream

Yay tasty flesh TvT

The best game ever!!! It's funny to play with friend

decent game

I love the graphics of the game of how you see the bones of the your opponent if your close to winning the game.

i like how you can play single player exepet. its to ez... online mod e?


"attack on titan but titans got mad at themselves"


(flashbacks of nostalgia)



This game is one of my biggest inspirations!! I love this!! Haha!

this game slapped when i was a kid

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8/10 nice game bro


A game full of wisdom.


Very cool! Great for the family!


(5 year old sibling approves of this comment)

Good game

Me and my sister having much of fun in thins game.

god damn




original y genial, un buen 10/10 la vdd


What 😀

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