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But fun :3

This is the best game ever lol. But I think you should add s and the down arrow as bashing so you can bash the skull open after you bit the skin and muscle off, and he dies from that instead.

I'm traumatized from this game..


rock paper scissors FACE!!!!




oh this is so creepy


no linux release planned? I'd really love to play to this!!!

nightmare fuel

down the haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatch!


My boyfriend and I played it and it was so much fun! We both loved it so much we could have spent an hour just eating eachother's faces! One improvement I'd like to see is maybe a customizer. Here's our video, hope you enjoy! 


I'll eat the shit straight outcha ass if you port this to linustechtips









Well I Played it..... I have no words to say other then this video....

i fucking love this game... its so weirdly therapeutic, even to play by yourself! i'd also love if there was a non competitive mode where neither player can die so you just rip each others faced off until you're just skeletons that would be hella cool

ha ha......!!  

I love the game!!  It is just a game!

If you like it,  you play it!  If you don't, just find another game!

I want the game (game creator is probably awesome)


I'm just here cuz mattshea


This game is so disturbing yet so fun. It's also satisfying in a weird way.

you are a monster


Why is this game created. Eww... it's just grusome... ;(   


So, you're gonna take his face...





I suppose you do not have children, but imagine that you have one. Would you be happy seeing them play or just see this? Is there no moderation here?


I think he'd play this game with his child in real life


Dude, relax.  It's just a video game.


I would hate it if people will play this disturbing game.


gonna play it. 


dude... this is there is some really weird shit here. This is probably what you would call normal, fun, and healthy.

Deleted 76 days ago

interesting? lol

This game is really messed up, though it really fun lol


After getting 350+ views on the last video, my friend and I decided to have the most epic rematch of the century.


I love two player face off games.

LMAO :'))

This game combines a basic two-button gameplay and several layers of art(Layers, get it?) to give a very intense competetive experience. Although the game is simple, it's a lot of fun. The only complaint I have is that the restart button is far too close to player 1s controls.


This is absolutely ridiculous and amazing for it. The art is cute, plain and extremely unsettling, the mechanics are simple and the deformation physics make it disgusting and satisfying. Fantastic work! Just needs a bit of music!


Help me get this to 200 views!  It'll be the first time I've ever hit that many views.  Share with your friends to show them this awesome game.


p2be like "r u gud bro?"


super normal, I swear

How do i use the console


It evaluates Lua code you type in -- it's mostly for debugging now, but I might add cheat codes in future.

Hi ,

I am currently organizing a small Art & Gaming festival in the Netherlands ( it takes place next month )  and i would love to show your game human face simulator there ! The event is called The Overkill Festival and explores the boundaries between Gaming & Art , your game fits really well ! If you are interested let us know :  ( )

kind regards,


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